Expert Diet Tricks – Get Some Sleep!

Expert diet tricks can easily help you along on your way to DROPPING THE POUNDS. Done in combination with a healthy lifestyle they will greatly improve the results you might be seeing, with just a typical. Adding these expert diet tricks is like popping a few extra pills without the nasty side effects.

An easy expert diet trick to remember is SLEEP. Now, yes, of course, you need to get enough sleep. Especially, if you are at the gym on a regular schedule — which you should be… Besides getting enough, there are certain foods that will help you sleep much better.., and others, not so good. The spices dill, basil, and even sage can help with sleep problems. And yes, milk before bed can do the trick. It’s as good as turkey. They both have tryptophan. Also, egg whites and are pretty good.

Another expert diet trick.., caffeine, which we know we should stay away from, especially at bedtime, is not the only thing to avoid. Tyramine, which you can find in sugar, cheese, ham, bacon and tomatoes can also stimulate the brain.

Oh Yeah, no pigging-out before bed!

The best way to handle that is to make lunch your heaviest meal of the day. Then, when it comes to dinner, keep it light. You can always have a snack (something light) later on. An expert diet trick like that will get the results you’re looking for much faster!

Okay, now this expert diet trick will bring it home — PILLS… Now, don’t get excited — No Prescription Pills Allowed! Im talking about vitamins and supplements. They can definitely help do the trick. I mean, c’mon, they treat insomnia with B6 and B12. Calcium and magnesium can also help to bring in the sandman… Calcium can be found in milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, tofu, sardines, salmon and ice cream. While you can find magnesium in spinach, beans and nuts. You don’t have to take a pill, just incorporate some of these foods into your diet.

Neglecting your diet, especially at bedtime will directly affect the quality of your sack-time. Listen, this is an expert diet trick, for a reason… Sleep deprivation disrupts a number of metabolism and hormonal processes. It can cause increased hunger and will affect the metabolism making it almost impossible to lose weight. Besides that, lack of sleep, can make you fatter! It affects your behavior and you tend to crave VERY BAD THINGS — burgers, fries, pastries, cakes, chips, soft drinks, etc., etc. All these extra calories are stored as fat… So, don’t blow-off this expert diet tip and get some SLEEP!

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